Food & Beverage

We are licensed and have full bar service during all events.

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Food Options

(subject to change depending on availability)

We do have dishes that are gluten free but we can not guarantee our product is suitable for people affected by celiac disease.

[GF] Gluten Free
[VEG] Vegetarian
[VGN] Vegan

Buy-on-Board Sunset Grill

Fridays @ 5 PM, 8 PM
Saturdays @ 5 PM, 8 PM
Sundays @ 1 PM, 4 PM
  • Hot Dogs – $10
  • Smokies – $12
  • Burgers (incl veggie) – $15
  • Includes potato & pasta salad

Sundeck BBQ

  • BBQ Baby Back Pork Ribs [GF]
  • BBQ Chicken Breast [GF]
  • Signature Baked Beans [GF] [VEG] [VGN]
  • Caesar Salad [GF] [VEG] [VGN]
  • Tri-colour Coleslaw with Mango [GF] [VEG] [VGN]
  • Corn on the Cob [GF] [VEG] [VGN]
  • Dinner Rolls
  • Desert

Brunch Buffet Menu

  • Frittata (a crustless quiche) [GF] [VEG]. (Vegan on request)
  • Belgian waffles [VEG]
  • Bacon [GF]
  • Dried Tomato in Olive Oil & Oregano [GF] [VEG] [VGN]
  • Potatoes [GF] [VEG] [VGN]
  • Pastries
  • Fresh Fruit

Buffet Dinner

Available on cruises that say “Buffet Dinner”
  • Pork Loin/Chicken/Beef (2 of the 3 will be available)
  • Vegetarian pasta [VEG]
  • Roasted potatoes [GF] [VEG] [VGN]
  • Mixed Vegetables
  • Caesar Salad
  • Dinner Rolls
  • Dessert/Fruit Platter
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Father's Day Brunch and BBQ details available!